Sunday, December 29, 2013


You are here. You are where you will always be. This moment in time; the only one that will ever matter because it belongs to you. If you do not own this moment in time it will never come again. You need to shine like you have never shone in your entire life. Like the world could not survive without your brightness. This doesn't mean you are the only one shining. You need to light everyone around you on fire. There needs to be something inside you that recognizes that you will not always win, but that in losing gracefully you light the fire of the winners. Be that wonderful image of dignity that makes everyone around you want to share in the moments you exist. There is no other moment in your whole life that will shine like this one. Come win or lose. You may lose in love, but you will be the brightest light; inspiring everyone around you to be a hopeless romantic just one last time. You may lose in business, but you will be the light of inspiration for other entrepreneurs. You may lose in many things, but if you are willing to own the moment you are in, and embrace it. . . You will never be more happy than in that moment. You may also win in life. Be sure that when you win that you lift others around you. Bring everyone you are able to into this moment. Because nothing else is so important you must lift everyone around you into the beauty of the moment. Sad moments will happen, find the beauty in it. There is beauty in every moment; including the dark ones. Find that beauty no matter how hard it is to find. Bring it into the light of who you are and enjoy it. You will be lonely, and you will be confused. These are beautiful moments in time. The diverging of two roads and you get to pick one! How wonderful to be able to have no distractions as you conquer the moment you are in. No matter the outcome; when you belong in your moment you end the victor. You will be amazing, and you will be loved. Not everyone will see that, or feel the same. Everyone will envy your ability to be comfortable in your moment. Be, in this moment.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I Have More Readers in Russia and Europe Than the USA

I've seen a lot of posts about Nelson Mandela. Some condemned Him, others praise Him. Here is the reality of it all. He was a war criminal for reasons that are known. He made decisions and had political views that shaped a country when they needed HIM. No human being is perfect. He was a horrible human being in some aspects of his life, and a magnificent human being in others. This, I feel, can be said of all of us. The difference is that we are not in a position of "power". At least that's what we tell ourselves to sleep better at night. I believe that people should be forgiven their mistakes. I had a man try to kill me. He sold me to other human beings and did unspeakable things to me. I have decided to remember his better points. To take away the lessons of efficiency, how to read people, money management, and stalwart resolve. Things that, if I told you my story, you'd believe never were present in him. You would tell me what a monster he was, what a horrible man, and how much he took from me. Yes, he took much; He also gave much. Not to me of course, but to others. He was in a position of power and it allowed him to use me to get what he needed to keep several hundred people safe. Though I would never wish another person to be used as I was, I am grateful for the safety of those that were saved. I have also been known as a horrible human being. I have people who believe that I have broken the most solemn of trust and would believe that there is no one more evil than myself. These same people are friends, and well known to others who would tell you I'm a nice person who is doing good things for others as best as I can. How am I any different than Nelson? I am both a monster, and a saint. I have inspired some to be better, and I have made and enemy of others. As I work for forgiveness, and the redemption of my past acts I wonder at the "people in power". Are they working out their own salvation and forgiveness in the quiet of their own rooms? Do we have any more right to judge them than we have to judge each other? I struggle to forgive, but I do my best not to assume that there are not others trying to recover their grace. May those who judge me be softened to see my good works. May those who rule over us be forgiven as far as they search for redemption.