Friday, February 27, 2015

Brown Sugar

There are many things I have irrational pet peeves about. One of them is this "designer dog" craze. Someone 'accidentally' lets two dogs from different breeds have a couple litters of pups, and then they sell them for $200-$700 a piece. REALLY?!?!?!?!!! you're going to sell a MUT, Mongrel for WHAT?! I can go to my local shelter and pick one of those up for far less than that. AND I get the joy of knowing that I saved a soul from being "humanly" executed. Shelter dogs are always so very happy to be adopted. They desperately want to be loved, and accepted by a "pack" that will keep them permanently. Nothing will ever love you the way a rescued dog will. And you get to stop the ridiculous people who are selling over priced mongrels. I'm not even sure that people truly understand the ramifications of buying these designer dogs. The back yard breeders who have no license, no experience, improper facilities, no money for the vet. That's who you're encouraging. People who locked a male and female dog in an enclosed space, day after day, while they went to work, then were surprised when the female ends up pregnant. You don't spay/neuter your animals they will reproduce. Biology 101. Then they have the audacity to tell me they're selling "designer dogs"?? No, you're trying to make a profit off an accident. Better yet are the people who intentionally do this to 2 animals. Sticking the female back in with males the minute she goes into her first heat after having just weened a litter. seriously?! we don't even recommend that type of thing for human females, let alone an animal that is carrying 8-10 babies. These dogs are not designers. They're muts that happen to create cute puppies. I just genuinely can not understand why ANYone would knowingly pay for a mut/mongrel what most people pay for a dog who has papers, is registered with AKC, and a pedigree more than 2 generations old. It makes me seriously question the judgement of someone willing to pay for a "designer" dog. I question their ability to properly train and socialize. I question their understanding of the commitment to an animal. I question whether they have enough sense to understand the difference between a bad habit, and a bad dog. I question their ability to establish dominance without being violent, and I typically see them walking around THINKING they're the pack leader. Most of the "designer" dog owners I've personally known are not the alpha. They're at the total whim of their dog. They know what fido "likes" and what fido "hates", but being the alpha is knowing fido hates to sit on the floor and making him do it with a simple look because company is over. . . not begging, or baby talking, or constantly having to shoo him off the couch. You give the look/command, fido obeys and does try to "get away with it". Believe me, I've had my share of dominance battles with my Rescue. I always win, and I win quickly and without aggression. Can you honestly tell me you can do that when you were tricked into buying a dog bred by someone with less than the proper qualifications? Who's decision on who gets their "designer" pups amounts to whoever shows up with the right amount of cash? I'll be you pick the puppy that came running to you didn't you? yeah.. that one is the enforcer. Which means it makes the rules. "But it came right up to me and picked me!"… please! My dog chose me too. I knew it, she knew it. I also knew I would be battling for dominance the rest of Her life because of it. I was prepared to establish a pack order, and I was more than prepared to maintain my claim to Alpha. I also ended up with a pure bred Siberian Husky from a shelter. A dog worth $1600. I paid $75; Micro-chip included. Remind me again why you're paying $200 for a mixed animal? Sure it breeds out the bad. It can also enhance the bad. If a breeder doesn't know what they're doing, and you don't have a pedigree going back more than 2 generations there's no telling what breed specific issues you'll end up with. You could have the hip problems of the german shepherd, with the skin problems of a Golden Retriever in your Golden Shepherd "designer" dog. pet peeve about food? Don't speak while you have food in your mouth. Nothing will be a faster way for me to lose respect for you than talking to anyone while I can see food in your mouth. It's disgusting, it's rude, and it's completely on my nerves. I have been known to be uncharacteristically rude to people who have done this. I just don't see what's so hard about chewing your food and swallowing before you speak. I suppose you might be worried that someone will see you as rude, but I'm sure they'll wait. Most well mannered people would. If you absolutely MUST speak, pull your had in front of your mouth! Or use a napkin for heavens sake! You've got the thing in your lap! use it! I suppose part of being raise in a home with an older set of parents who actually learned proper etiquette, and manners is that I seem to value little things like not having someone display their half masticated meal to me. I enjoy conversation that doesn't involve me wondering how many times you'll open your yapper with that same chunk of half eaten meal in you cheek. Perhaps you're saving it for later like a chipmunk? Or maybe you're not educated enough to realize that we can all see your food. Maybe it's not just embarrassing enough to know that you've made the rest of us gag on our own forks while you attempted to enchant us with your less than stellar wit. Believe me, if it needs to be said it can wait until you have swallowed. PLEASE for the love of all that is decent in society SWALLOW your food before you speak! it's one of the simplest and most basic of manners! It should be as innate as chewing with your lips closed! another things that seems to drive me up the wall. NO ONE wants to hear you "smack smack smack" as you chew. I can see whats on your plate, I don't need to see it in your mouth to know you're eating it.