Friday, July 25, 2014

To The Dog House

I feel like I can no longer sit silently and not make my feelings clear. I will side with Israel. This is an unpopular statement, but I can not ignore the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization. They may be the government of Palestine as of now, but they were a terrorist organization first. They are known for using children to hide behind so that if anyone retaliates they are accused of killing children. I can not ignore this fact about them. Nor can I deny Israel the right to fight for their own freedom and safety. Most of us would agree that if someone attack our family we would go after them. For both religious, genealogical, and deeply personal reasons I will stand by Israel. I will support them in their attempt to defend their way of life. I will not deny them the attempt to fight terror with the means at their disposal. I will not judge them. I will acknowledge the sadness of the collateral damage due to Hamas's need to use civilians as shields. I will walk this line very carefully and consistently check my facts. I will be aware of their movements and make my alliances accordingly. As it stands, I stand with Israel.