Thursday, November 10, 2011

Goldfinger Station on Pandora

There's no otherway to say this;
ruby ruby ruby soho, destination unknown ruby ruby ruby soho!
I'll never let you. I let you go, I'll never let you. Turn around go back on each other its a good idea break a promise to your mother.
I'm bouncing off the walls again. I'm looking like a fool again.
sparks fly, I hit the ground running... west bound leave the motor running!

Yes, Pandora you have given me the goldfinger station. Which in turn has given me all the music from a time and place in my life when everything was right and the world made sense and nothing was more important than figuring out how to ditch class and go to the beach. That's right. I own it. I almost didn't pass my Junior year of high school because I was hormonal and ditching class to go to the beach. :D and listen to Ska,Ska-Punk, and other forms of stoner music. . . or what was stoner music at my age.

POINT IS! much like playing the banjo, it's really hard to be depressed while listening to this stuff. It makes me want to bounce off the walls, dance around the room and in all aspects of life be joyful. yes, I have found my little slice of heaven. A memory that makes me smile, laugh, and want to see some of the people who got me into trouble, I got into trouble, and in general created chaos with. ( it really was fun you have to admit)
I'm finding it rather hard to sit still longenough to write this. I mean I kinda want you all to be sitting here listening to this. I want to be standing around at a show dancing around the floor like a goof, and being completely unawares of the guys standing there with that mildly horrified look on their face. I miss my dr martins, pyramid studded belt, short skirt, tank-top, and funky colored hair. Understanding that at some point we all must grow up and become adults. . . there is something terribly liberating about singing along to music at the top of your lungs thats completely designed to allow you to vent your frustration. it was perfect, it still IS perfect. I am in an awesomely stellar mood. . . because I found the best part of my teenage years well intact and perfectly enjoyable still. :D

-Leave the motor running cause I'm on the run! Hey driver, to the top of the world!