Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alien Life

"you're from another planet Deb, you don't count." . . . Right. Have you ever considered for a moment that maybe this is MY planet and YOU are the visitor? Perhaps these things you perceived as awkward social mannerisms are, in actuality, completely acceptable amongst the people who ACTUALLY belong here. Your crude nature, and crass behavior is an insult and a violation of the simplest nature of our existence. We are polite and allow you to stay hoping that we can teach you the delicacy of communication. We believe in the subtlety of words. We believe that you say what you mean and you mean what you say, that people who use expletives are simply too ignorant to have the where-with-all to express themselves. Though the crimes you've committed are reprehensible at the least, and I do mean at the least, it would be rude to deny you the chance to correct your ignorance with education. There is a time and a place for uncivilized behavior. This is not that time. Understanding that not everyone agrees upon this theory I entreat you to the notion that everyone is entitled to the right to think. It is a luxury that we are born with, thankfully. You are given the right at birth to think for yourself. You are not however; given the right to impose those thoughts on me. I act on my thoughts in the best way that I know how. If you find them odd it is your right to think so. I only ask that you be aware that reducing someone to an alien life form amongst the rest of humanity is damaging to their self image, and the way in which the think about the world around them. The sort of segregation that belongs to that line of thinking does not produce a creative environment of ideas and learning. It strangles the very essence out of humanity. It places people in tupperware containers that don't allow them to touch or feel another person. With out this interaction creativity is suffocated, and the annihilation of life is certain. Just because someone possesses the fortitude to stand apart, or proficiently express the deepest regions of their being doesn't mean they are from another planet. It means they are in a firm grasp of who they are as an individual and their place in the melting pot of life. It should be an honor to interact with such people. They force us to rise above our norms and exceed our potential. They are the people who encourage and grow us into gods. They deserve our respect and our reverence; not as aliens, or visitors, but as great friends and companions in this journey Home.