Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sexuality and the Gender Game

What does it mean to be a man? Well, I can only hope to answer that by knowing what it means to be a woman. There is a great amount of power in being woman. The divine feminine is wonderful. It drives the male aspects of life into action. Wars are won and lost over women. The power they drive into the universe is life giving, and endulgent. It opens the heart, clears the soul, and feels good. It has the power to sway mens minds, and shape the future of the world. Woman is one of the strongest occurances of nature. So what does it actually mean to BE woman? Soft, gentle, caring, loving, emotional, vulnerable. These are all things we assosiate with woman. But can she also be Fire, Ice, Strong? Yes. Woman wears many faces, but none of them so powerful as woman. A true woman has mastered herself and knows the feminine nature of all elements. She enhances those sides of things and in turn demands that the men in her life be Men. This is power.. In it's rawest, ultimate form.